Excellent coverage. Supple texture. For all surfaces.
Crepe paper by W.Bosch+Co.

This particularly versatile and lightly padding crepe paper efficiently protects sensitive surfaces and materials from scratches and dirt. Not only during transportation.

Security. Paper.

Metal, enamel, wood and plastics are all extremely susceptible to scratches, bumps, scrapes and even corrosion. Dangers that lurk everywhere. And nothing is more annoying, unnecessary and expensive than when valuable surfaces are damaged during the transportation or storage of your goods. The particularly supple crepe papers from W.Bosch+Co. are not only easy to handle and to process. Thanks to their additional padding effect, they also protect sensitive materials from pressure and scrapes.

We have numerous different crepe papers for different materials and different uses. From the simple stretch crepe and our PE crepe with water repellent characteristics, from waterproof paraffin crepe to our particularly robust bitumen crepe, the same always applies: you have the challenges, we have the perfect paper.

Practical. Everywhere.

Your requirements are the yardstick for the products we develop. This is the only way to create products that are ideal for their intended application. And it is one way of ensuring that the crepe papers from W.Bosch+Co. not only stop valuable surfaces from getting scratched. We have also given a number of valuable characteristics that you will profit directly from. For every purpose. And practically anywhere.

The high demands made on the excellent product characteristics of our crepe papers can only be fulfilled by bringing together top expertise from a number of quite diverse technological disciplines. And because our aim is to constantly improve, we never stop developing our innovations. Rather, we listen carefully to the specific wishes and important feedback from our customers. And always optimise our products consistently in line with their needs.

Soft. Strong.

You make particularly high demands on our crepe papers? You have special requirements, such as for long-term use in a particularly damp environment? No problem! Our crepe papers can be used for almost anything.

High stretchy or fabric reinforced? Especially tear resistant and with high tensile strength? Water resistant? Sealable? Singleor double-sided coating? Two-ply with middle layer? Printed? On reels or as endless strips in cassettes?

The crepe papers from W.Bosch+Co. master all kinds of challenges. In our premium quality ‘made in Germany’.

Powerful arguments. Point by point.

  •    Perfect protection for any surface
  •    Excellent padding effect
  •    Very supple texture
  •    Numerous designs
  •    Suitable for machine feed
  •    Widths up to 2300 mm
  •    On hand-wrap reels
  •    On machine-wrap reels
  •    In formats
  •    As strips in cassettes
  •    REACH declaration of conformity as per EU regulation 1907/2006